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AUN M18 Basic Version, 1080P 5500 Lumen, Home Theater LED 200inch Display, Full HD Projector

A projector instead of a monitor or TV is a cool idea, but with a reservation. Yes, such a gadget is compact, it gives a large diagonal of the image, and the eyes get tired of it much less. But in daylight, the picture is barely visible, and the resolution of low-cost models is poor. The AUN M18 LED projector is designed to solve these problems.

  • Resolution support: 576i, 576p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. M18 Native 1080P LED & Video Projector with 300″ image display brings you the high quality experience for professional use
  • LED projector offers 80%+ brighter and clearer images and videos than other projector
  • LED lamp of M18 1080P full hd projector provide you with a service life of 50,000 hours (3-4 hours per day about 15 years), and the lamps also have more beautiful colors
  • The 150w ultra-low power consumption and needs about 50dB noise make it more fast heat dissipation
  • USB can easily connect to mobile phones and smart devices for same-screen playback and multi-screen broadcast. HDMI can be connected to laptop, computer or other home hd audio device and it instantly realizes an immersive home theater



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AUN M18 1GB 8GB Wi-Fi Bluetooth AirScreen 1080P M18 Basic Version Smart Projector 5500 Lumen Led Projector 4k Ultra HD Smart Projector.

Modern games are no longer just about the gameplay – they are also about the spectacular graphics. What are the hits of 2018: Forza Horizon 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War … The AUN projector will show how beautiful they are. Unlike competitors similar in price, it has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Moreover, the large diagonal does not blur the image, which is why the popular HD projectors sin. The manufacturer’s statement about a clear picture up to 100 ” in this case is fully justified. In addition, games are often accompanied by subtitles, and their size (let’s be honest: not too large) is not regulated in any way. In Full HD, the readability of the text is much higher – you can comfortably fall apart on the couch and calmly dive into the plot.

The gadget is great for small rooms. At a distance of 1.7 meters from the wall or screen, the image is not distorted and looks quite natural. In similar models, a comfortable distance starts at best from two meters. And, on the contrary, up to 6.2 m AUN produces a clearly distinguishable picture – all thanks to high brightness and contrast.

The system allows you to manually adjust the focus depending on the distance to the screen. You can also adjust the projection angle to get a rectangular image, rather than a trapezoid, yourself. There is a small lever next to the lens and focusing wheel to help adjust the picture and compensate for deviations up to 30 °.

The AUN LED projector claims a key place in the multimedia space of the house. It copes well with moderate daylight, is compatible with current devices and produces high-quality pictures in honest Full HD. But it costs much less than similar devices – the basic version will cost about 12,400 rubles, and for AUN with Android on board you will have to add about 5,000 more.

Additional information

Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions 39 × 38 × 19 cm



Grey, Black


1 Year


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