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Air Mouse Smart Remote with inbuilt Keyboard,Mouse and Rechargeable for Smart TV, TV Box, Set-top Box, HPTV,IPTV,Xbox, PS3/4/5,Smart Phones,PC, Laptop

Amazing Remote For Android TV and Android TV Box and More Do you have TV or TV Box and you feel difficult to operate it? It is a mini keyword wireless remote mouse designed to replace all your keyboard and remote controller needs. This air mouse operates smoothly up to 10 meters and has some advanced technology built in such as a gyroscope and professional anti-shake algorithms. In case you are wondering what the heck is gyroscope and accelerometers, they allow the device to be moved around and select any menu item with ease. This makes our movie viewing experience on the android box and any other device more enjoyable. The gyroscopic technology allows you to move the unit in any direction and still get a good response from you clicks or input provided. After 20 seconds or so the device will go on standby just to save on power. A USB cable is also provided for your to recharge the air mouse when the battery is low.

Installation of Remote on an Smart Device(TV/Projector/Laptop,etc):

  • Make sure your smart device ( TV/ Projector/PC, etc)is powered on.
  • Make sure air mouse is fully charged. It can be charged using the charging cable from available in package. Make sure a red/blue power light flashes at the top of the remote when pressing the OK button.
  • Take out the USB Bluetooth nano receiver from the package.Plug the remotes’s USB Bluetooth receiver into the USB port on the TV.
  • Control the mouse cursor on device by moving the mouse in the air.The exact movement of mouse controls the direction of the pointer.You can turn the mouse pointer off by pressing the “Turn off mouse” button. Press again to resume using the gyro function.
  • Make sure air mouse is fully charged
  • Make sure your smart device ( TV/ Projector/PC, etc)is powered on.
  • It can not Turn On device but can Turn it off using Power Button
  • If you fail to connect remote, please message us immediately.
  • Air mouse function, shake prevention design of intelligent, with performance comparable to desktop mouse.
  • The body feeling game function, balance and physical sense of class action game.


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Motion Sensor Function

6-Axis Inertia Sensors, support the motion sensing games and mouse.

Wireless Mini Keyboard

It designed with full keyboard allows you to type and search anything easy and fast.

2.4G Air Mouse

2.4G wireless connection offers nondirectional control and typing for your smart TV and Android TV box. Up to 10 Meters transmission distance.

Multi functional

This Professional 6-axis Gyroscope Fly Air Mouse, Can be Use as a Wireless Keyboard, Multimedia Android Remote Controller, Omatic Games Hand Grip Combo


Windows 2000, XP, Vista ,Windows CE,Windows 7 * Linux(Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested) * Android OS (With standard USB interface)


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Weight 250 kg



10 Days


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