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BAKON SBK8586, SMD Rework Soldering Station

Model: SBK8586 Voltage: AC220V Out of the wind: 23L/min Soldering station function: comprehensive maintenance soldering station Soldering iron handle: SBK907E Power consumption: 30W (console) 700W (spray gun) 60W (welding) Heating core:…

BAKON BK942A Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

Model:BAKON 942A Maximal Power: 55W Temperature Range: 200~480℃ Exterior Dimension: (W)130x(H)90x(L)141mm Resistance to the ground: ≤2Ω (Out of factory) Voltage to the ground: ≤2mV (Out of factory) Temperature stability: ±2℃…

BAKON SBK 936D+ESD Safe Digital Soldering Station

Specification: Power Requirements: Corded, 60 W Temperature Controlled Tip: Conical, Steel Maximum Temperature: 480 degree C Pack of: 4 Color: Blue Type: Temperature Controlled Model Number: SBK 936D+ 55W ESD Safe Digital Soldering…

BAKON 870A soldering station with hot air gun

Specification: Sales Package: 1 Soldering Iron Set Brand: BAKON Inclusions: Tester Color: Black Type: Temperature Controlled Model Number: 870A soldering station with hot air gun, hot air SMD rework soldering station Maximum…

BAKON SBK850D ESD Safe Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Adjustable Temperature Anti-static Electric Rework Station With 3 Pieces Nozzles

Warranty: 1 Month Highlights Inclusions: Tester Power Requirements: Corded, 760 W Temperature Controlled Tip: Round, Steel Maximum Temperature: 500 degree C Pack of: 6 Sales Package: 1 Rework Station, 1 Soldering Station, 1…